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Leah is currently seeking a publisher for a debut memoir entitled “My Nearest Relative is Grief”. 

The working title is a play on the definition of “nearest relative” under the UK Mental Health Act, a role Leah performed multiple times when her mother was arrested and sectioned. Exploring a difficult relationship between a daughter and her mother who has borderline personality disorder and is unmedicated, Leah’s story of self-discovery, of psychological abuse, of survival, is framed around the stages of grief from shock through to acceptance. 
My Nearest Relative is Grief is ultimately an impactful memoir of a resilient and tenacious young girl, who like all of us, did the best she could until she learned how to do better. It gets under the skin of what it means to have complex post-traumatic stress disorder from childhood events continuing into adulthood. It questions the meaning of family, race, identity and where love can be found, and how to let go of the things we have clung to to survive. It’s a story about a lifetime of grief when none of the main characters have died.


In 2022, Leah started a weekly blog entitled, outRAGEous. The blog is a synergy of Leah’s passion for activism coupled with her philosophy and politics degree, and acute interest in mental health, diversity, equality and inclusion. Leah is a member of FORUM, a space where she is frequently confronted by the need to effect social change (see Spoken Things).


In the recent past, Leah has been asked to write opinion pieces for the Lawyers’ Christian Fellowship and Rebel Hearts, Rebel Girls. Leah hopes to continue to write for Rebel Hearts, Rebel Girls and eventually for Black Ballad. She has most recently published written vignettes on diversity in the legal sector for Jameson Legal. 

Please get in touch if you would like a written opinion piece from Leah on any of the following topics: mental health, diversity, socioeconomic inequality, matters affecting women and/or people of colour, family relationships, careers, leadership and faith. 


Leah works as an outsourced General Counsel where she provides legal services to FinTech businesses on a consultancy basis.


Leah’s legal career started at the Bar, and she trained as an M&A lawyer at a magic circle firm. She has since worked for public companies, boutique investment firms and a Middle Eastern government. Leah transitioned into FinTech a few years ago where she worked as a General Counsel and Company Secretary.


Leah is a member of Women in FinTech, BWAM (Black Women in Asset Management), Disruptive GC Network, TLA Black Women in Tech, Inspiring Diverse Leaders, Lawyers’ Christian Fellowship and the Honourable Society of the Middle Temple.


To connect with Leah on LinkedIn, click here [].

Leah is frequently asked as leader in the legal sector to speak to matters pertaining to diversity in the legal profession. In 2021, she contributed to interviews with Jameson Legal and Taylor Root and has several DE&I opportunities in the pipeline.


Leah has multiple violin diplomas from Trinity College of Music, London and leads amateur and semi-professional orchestras from time to time. When time permits, she performs with her string quartet, Small Works Quartet, and most recently led an orchestral and choral performance of Handel’s Messiah in Oxford in December 2021 in aid of Asylum Welcome, supporting Afghan refugees.


Leah started talking over thirty years ago and hasn't stopped since. She used to talk to anyone who would listen, but has become much more selective with words. 
Leah’s legal career started at the Bar, and she trained as an M&A lawyer at a magic circle firm. She has since worked for public companies, boutique investment firms and a Middle Eastern government.  Leah transitioned into FinTech a few years ago where she has been working as a General Counsel and Company Secretary.
Alongside her legal career, Leah is an engaging speaker for events on topics ranging from diversity to justice, and regularly speaks on matters of faith, trauma, careers and personal development. Recently she has written a debut memoir entitled, “My Nearest Relative is Grief”, which she hopes to publish in due course.
Leah is a member of FORUM, a leadership network hosted by the Legatum Institute. Leah is a member of Black Women in Asset Management (BWAM) where she helps with initiatives like 100 Black Interns. Leah is a trustee of a new charitable enterprise called Big Green Heart facilitating emotional freedom in young people through forgiveness. Leah also works closely with GlobalMindED, a US charity closing the equity gap by creating a capable, diverse talent pipeline, and acts as a mentor for undergraduate students. Leah is thrilled to be working with the Youth Charter and has previously been involved with the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust. Leah is also passionate about Christian discipleship, and attends a church in Mayfair. 
Amongst other things, Leah holds three passports, is a keen sportswoman, and is an accomplished violinist. Leah lives in Central London with her Cavapoo pup, Saphy. She enjoys cooking for people and spending time where she grew up in the Yorkshire Dales.

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