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Leah has launched a boutique problem solving consultancy (Broadstairs Consulting Ltd) offering individuals, corporates, governments and charitable organisations innovative solutions to complex unsolvable problems. 

The UK's very own "Olivia Pope", Leah uses strategic analysis, emotional intelligence and conflict resolution techniques to resolve issues in a manner that results in the reconciliation of leadership teams after addressing the problems that created the crisis in the first place. 

Leah is penning a book entitled FIXING EVERYTHING: THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE DOWNRIGHT UGLY, part professional exposé, part memoir. In this book Leah outlines scenarios where she has worked with leaders to examine, assess and turnaround businesses in various scenarios, from matters of governance and culture as well as sticky personnel situations. FIXING EVERYTHING, written in three parts, explores 12 character traits Leah has unlearned to reveal 12 principles critical to the work of  professional fixer.

Article: Leader of Leaders

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