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If you would like to book Leah to speak at an event, please email her or DM via @seenheardspoken or @OnlyOneLeah.

Leah is a trustee of the Youth Charter, a UK registered charity and UN accredited non-governmental organisation, that empowers young people today so that they can have a better tomorrow.


She is also a trustee and secretary of Big Green Heart, a charitable enterprise that facilitates emotional freedom in young people through forgiveness.


Leah works closely with GlobalMindED, a US charity closing the equity gap by creating a capable, diverse talent pipeline, and acts as a mentor for undergraduate students.

Leah is an active member of FORUM (hosted by the Legatum Institute), a space where she is confronted by the need to effect social change. She is an advisor to the Race Equality Commission, and is a media volunteer for Mind (the mental health charity). She is also a part of Inspiring Diverse Leaders.

In early 2022, Leah started a blog entitled outRAGEous. The blog is a synergy of Leah’s passion for activism coupled with her philosophy and politics degree, and acute interest in mental health, diversity, equality and inclusion.

On Black History Month 2022:

The Youth Charter's theme for Black History Month is Time for Change: Action Not Words. The Youth Charter has created a BLACK HISTORYwise Education Pack. This module reflects our Youth Charter equality, diversity and inclusion framework and specific areas of under-representation in sport, art, culture and digital activity.

The BLACK HISTORYwise covers the history of slavery, including the emancipators as well as leading Black luminaries. Illustrated by Rik Cheetham, this dynamic educational took can be used by teachers in all subjects on the national curriculum. The stimulating interactive classroom projects have biographical information on key figures in politics, the civil rights movement, sport and the arts. There is also a unique collection of graphic images of some of the greatest Black achievers of the 20th and 21st centuries.

Get your pack here


Leah has been an active mentor since 2011. Most recently she has participated in a scheme with GlobalMindED in 2021-2022 for first generation university student in the US. Leah also mentors female Law students in the UK and is committed to helping the next generation prosper.  Leah gives careers talks to school-age children interested in a career in law.


If you would like to invite Leah to speak at your school or to give a presentation to young students or aspiring lawyers, please get in touch.


Leah started talking over thirty years ago and hasn’t stopped since. She used to talk to anyone who would listen but has become much more selective with words.

As part of her portfolio career, Leah is an engaging speaker for events on topics ranging from diversity to justice, and regularly speaks on matters of faith, trauma, careers and personal development. Her favourite subject is authenticity.

If you would like to book Leah to speak at an event, please contact her via social media or the contact form


"REPTON SCHOOL LAW CAREERS TALK", Repton School (November 2022) - Find the full talk listed in recordings

"WHO HAS GOD MADE YOU TO BE?", (Authenticity and Transformation) News UK Christian Fellowship (October 2022) - Find the full talk listed in recordings

"IT'S OKAY TO SEEK HELP AND SUPPORT", Interview, Premier Christian Radio (September 2022)

"MENTAL HEALTH AND WELLBEING", GlobalMindED Conference, Denver, Colorado (June 2022)              Find the full talk listed in recordings

        View slides

"RETAINING EARLY BLACK PROFESSIONALS" Panel Event, GlobalMindED Conference, Denver, Colorado (June 2022) (Not recorded)

"FOUNDERS AND FUNDERS: UNCONVENTIAL EQUITY MODELS and DE&I", GlobalMindED Conference, Denver, Colorado (June 2022) (Not recorded)

"AUTHENTICITY", Old Reptonian Womens’ Leadership Forum, Royal Over-seas League (ROSL), (March 2022) - Find the full talk listed in recordings

"DO WHAT MAKES YOUR HEART SING", St Marylebone’s CE School, London (March 2022) - Find the full talk listed in recordings


"INJUSTICE AND HOPE: GOD'S PURPOSE FOR LAWYERS IN A HURTING WORLD", Justice Matters, Lawyers' Christian Fellowship (May 2021)

"RISE OF THE MODERN GC", Jameson Legal (April 2021)

"The Future of Work is IDEAS; Inclusive, Dignified, Equitable, Accessible, and Sustainable" (GlobalMindED Conference, June 2020)"

Do What Makes Your Heart Sing - St Marylebone School 21-03
00:00 / 18:13
Authenticity - ROSL
00:00 / 06:08
Who has God Made You To Be?
00:00 / 22:12
Mental Health & Wellbeing - GlobalMindED
00:00 / 31:53


Repton School - Careers Talk
00:00 / 43:06

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